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Welcome to Signature Cards

Welcome to Signature Cards, where we offer hundreds of business greeting cards tailored for all of your professional needs.  Signature Cards sells innovative personalized greeting cards to help professionals and small business owners enhance client relationships and meet business goals.  Whether your company is looking for a business greeting card as a real estate agent, mortgage broker, financial planner, insurance agent or for other personal service industries, we have just the right selection for you!

We add new cards to our greeting card line weekly throughout all of our holiday and every day, keep in touch categories.  Our customer service is second-to-none and we pride ourselves on our top-quality products, personal contact with our customers and fast processing and shipping turnaround.

Signature Cards offers standardized greetings with multiple greeting options for all of our greeting cards. If you would prefer a custom greeting, we would be more than happy to cater to your needs. Once your standardized greeting, or custom greeting, along with your personalization is selected and your order is submitted, we will send you a proof of your card selection, greeting and personalized business information with 24 hours. Once the proof is approved, your order will be printed, processed and shipped within one business day!

So when your company is looking for business greeting cards for your client relationship needs,
let Signature Cards help you find the right one!