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Summertime Cards

Our Business Summertime Greeting Cards are a standard 5" x 7", printed on 10 point cover stock and are finished with an Aqueous coating for optimal gloss and shine.  Signature Cards prides itself on having the best customer service in the industry; order your greeting cards today for shipping in less than 48 hours!

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Balloon Rally
If you want service that soars above the rest, give me a call. I hope you have a wonderful Summe..
$1.65 $0.99
Cape Lookout
When you need guidance from a qualified professional, please call if I can be of any assistance. ..
$1.65 $0.99
Sailor's Delight
Red sky at night, sailor's delight. It is truly a delight to have you as a customer. Thank ..
America's Pastime
When you're looking for great service, don't worry, I won't drop the ball. Call me if I can help..
$1.65 $0.99
Need Help?
You'll never feel like you've been stranded when you work with me. Call if I can be of any assis..
Touching Base
Just touching base... I consider myself lucky to know and work with people like you. When you c..
Hole In One
FORE... great service, you need the right approach. Call me, the results will suit you to a TEE..
$1.65 $0.99
Up To Par
When you are looking for the right approach, it just makes sense to use an experienced professiona..
Flying High
When it comes to the market, I can help you soar above the rest. Call me and let's review your o..
Come Sail Away
When you want your transaction to be smooth sailing, you need the right professional. Give me a ..
Old Baldy
When you need some guidance from a qualified professional, please call if I can be of any assis..

Business Summertime Greeting Cards

The beginning of a beautiful season is the best time to send out business summer greeting cards.  Summer is a happy and relaxing season and we have just the right cards to fit this season! 

Summer cards with beautiful beaches and ball parks can spark thoughts of prosperity a beautiful growth about your company.  Say thank you to your clients by sending them a summertime card that reflects your appreciation for the season and for their business with your company.

Inform potential clients of new things blooming with your company.  They are sure to be excited to hear about how you can cater to their business needs.  Add a custom touch to the prospects you are contacting, so they will feel special when they open a unique card you send them.

Many people love the warm and happy feeling that comes with the summer season so be sure to cheer up your clients or employees day with a summer greeting card.  Acknowledge your employees’ hard work and making it through a hard winter by sending them a card that will be sure to brighten up their day.  Employee cards are a great way to stay in touch with your biggest company contributors.

Summer is a great season and a great time to contact your clients and employees with our line of business summer greeting cards.