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Keep In Touch Cards

Our Keep In Touch Greeting Cards are a standard 5" x 7", printed on 10 point cover stock and are finished with an Aqueous coating for optimal gloss and shine.  Signature Cards prides itself on having the best customer service in the industry; order your greeting cards today for shipping in less than 48 hours!

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However you add it up... it just makes sense to use an experienced professional like me. When y..
First and Goal
When it's on the line, you need an experienced professional like me. When you or your friends ca..
Just My Type
"U" are just my type... and I always appreciate your friendship, business and support.
Time's Up
Didn't want too much time to go by without letting you know how much I enjoy knowing and working w..
Cape Lookout
When you need some guidance from a qualified professional, please call if I can be of any assistan..
Latest News
When you need the most current information about the market, please feel free to call on me.
Way Too Cool
There's no disguising it . . . it's way too cool to work with people like YOU! When you or your..
Whispering Herd
Don’t get an earful when looking for the right service. I’d be “udderly” delighted to help. P..
Looking Glass
Searching for just the right person to answer your questions? Well, look no further! I can he..
I appreciate knowing and working with people like you. When you or your friends can use my serv..
Brief Case
Just a brief note to let you know... we appreciate your business. Be sure to call whenever you n..
A Bearish Day
I know you've heard it before, but some things just “bear” repeating... When it comes to buying..
Measure Of Success
I measure success by the people I work with! I appreciate the opportunity to help you, your frie..
Feel like pulling your hair out? For less stress in dealing with the ever changing world, just g..
All Ears
I'm all ears when it comes to your referrals. Thank you for the opportunity to help your clients..
Moving On Up
Looking for a new home? . When you or your friends can use my services, please give me a call.
Pointing The Way
When you need a professional that stays focused and determined to keep you headed in the right dir..
Why are these folks celebrating? They are pleased as punch with the services I provide. When ..
Clip Art
Let's stay connected! I always appreciate knowing and working with people like you!
Hard Worker
Tired of looking for the right professional? Look no further, I can help you with all of your nee..
Puppy Paws
We're all in agreement, you're the best. When you need our help, please give us a call.
Didn't want too much time to go by without letting you know how much I appreciate your business. ..
Delivering Daily
Delivering Daily... Attention to detail, unsurpassed service and a commitment to your individual ..
Talking Moose
Be sure to celebrate with me Sept 22 - if the moose awakes to see his shadow, we'll all enjoy six ..
Puzzled by all the options in today's market? When you and your friends can use my services, ple..
There's no need to feel "Bull" dogged in today's market. When you can use my services, call me. ..
Are you or someone you know looking for "egg-ceptional" service? Call me and I'll be sure to rev..
It's no secret. . . I'll provide the best service possible. Feel free to call me if I can help.
Don't Lose Track
Let's not lose track... please call me if I can be of assistance.
Good Fortune
You don't need a fortune cookie to know that you'll get the best service possible when you call on..
Sock It To Me
Have I "toed" you lately that I appreciate your business, friendship, and support? When you or y..
Poor Pooch
There's no need to feel sick about the market. Give me a call, I can make you feel better abou..
It's Not Magic
Finding expert service isn't magic. The trick is knowing the right person to contact. When you ..
Steppin' Out
When you or your friends are ready to step out and make a move, please give me a call. I'll mak..
Eagle Eye
When you're looking for service that soars above the rest, call me, I'll see to it that you get t..
It's Your Move
When it's time to make a move, please give me a call. I'll put my experience and proven strateg..

Business Keep In Touch Greeting Cards

Our line of business Keep In Touch greeting cards are the perfect way to stay in touch with all of your customers throughout the year; no matter what the occasion!  Our keep in touch cards are a great way to say thank you for your customers repeat and referral business and remind them of your company’s services on a regular basis.  Almost all of our Signature Cards line can be used as keep in touch greeting cards which makes it easy for you to tailor an everyday card program to you and your company’s preferences. 

Employee keep in touch greeting cards is another great program to add to your company.  Tell your employees thanks for their hard work and let them know how much you appreciate them by sending them a personalized greeting card throughout the year.  Keep the mood light by sending a humorous greeting card that feature dogs with funny accessories or some old folks dancing around or sending a professional, yet thoughtful, message with our From The Pen or Thank You card collections. 

Whichever card you choose, our keep in touch cards will show your employees and customers how much you care and appreciate their support.